Journey to the Jurassic: Unleash the Dino Within with Wolf & Bear's Dinosaur Suit

Journey to the Jurassic: Unleash the Dino Within with Wolf & Bear's Dinosaur Suit

Prepare for a blast to the past, all the way back to the time when dinosaurs roamed our planet. With Wolf & Bear's dino suit, young adventurers can step into the shoes (or claws) of their favorite prehistoric creatures and embark on epic quests through time and imagination.

Stegosaurus or Tyrannosaurus: Choose Your Dino Destiny Whether you envision spikes along your back or fierce jaws that can roar a mighty storm, the choice is yours. Is your young explorer the herbivorous and peaceful Stegosaurus, or the powerful and ferocious Tyrannosaurus? In this dino suit, they can be anyone (or rather, anydino) they wish to be!

Craft, Color, and Customize Your Dinosaur What's more exciting than becoming a dinosaur? Crafting and customizing it! This suit isn't just for wearing—it's for dreaming, designing, and decorating. Let those young hands pick up crayons, markers, or even glitters, and make this prehistoric pal uniquely theirs.

Designed for Fun and Our Planet As with all of Wolf & Bear's creations, this dino suit promises:

  • Eco-Conscious Play: Made to be recyclable and packed flat, it's fun without any environmental guilt.
  • Sturdy Adventures: With 3 to 5 layers of premium corrugated cardboard, this dino suit is ready for rough and tumble dino battles.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Sized at 742mm (L) x 380mm (W) x 803mm (H), ensuring it's spacious enough for little dino adventurers.
  • Age Recommendation: Tailored for youngsters aged 2 and up.
  • Note: While our young ones roar and play, adults should ensure the assembly for the perfect fit.

Journey back to a time of magnificent creatures, roaring battles, and boundless imagination with Wolf & Bear's Dinosaur Suit. Every roar, every painted scale, every adventure brings history to life and fuels the flames of imagination. Ready to stomp, chomp, and roar into action?

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